Controversial Titles


The Butter Battle Book
The Sneetches


The Butter Battle Book discusses the arms race between the United States vs. the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It portrays this event as a parody by using two different armies fighting over the way to butter your bread.

Although not by Dr. Suess, the Truax was a knock off of The Lorax. The Truax was written by Terri Birkett. It switches the perspective to the logger. The logger persuades the enviromentalist to let him cut down the trees in the forest, contrasting to the lorax where the enviromentalist persuades the logger not to cut down the trees.

The Sneetches discusses racisim. Although against it, raicism is an odd theme to come across in a childrens book. The star-bellied sneetches and the plain-bellied sneetches would not talk to each other until they realize that they are equal.